Recent Before & After Photos

Master Closet After a Storm

After one of the later downpours of Hurricane Harvey this closet had so much water pooling behind the drywall that SERVPRO's demolition teams had to remove it. ... READ MORE

Water Leak Teams Up With Storm and Floods Kitchen

This Reno homeowner returned to their kitchen soaking wet after a storm! A pipe underneath and behind the dishwasher ended up bursting and started to pour water... READ MORE

Subway Car Crash

This Subway suffered damage much like the Taco Bell we did a board up for. The driver of the red car shattered the window of this restaurant, the counter was pu... READ MORE

Taco Break

We are pretty sure this isn't what Taco Bell meant by "Drive Through". It happens; sometimes a driver thinks they're in reverse, then they floor it, only to rea... READ MORE

Hosting Hurricane Harvey

What can we say? He was a terrible guest!Hurricane Harvey left all sorts of wear and tear on this home owner's hallway floors, enough that they needed to be rem... READ MORE

Sheepless in the Sierras

This pair of photos were taken in a home in Nevada after a storm ripped through the area, causing both storm drains nearby to flood into the house (yuck!) and s... READ MORE

Hurricane Harvey's Dirty Laundry

This is the laundry room of a Texas resident who was living in the path of Hurricane Harvey. The rains, flood waters, and wind damaged the home from the outside... READ MORE

Tempest Tango: Flooded Dance Studio

In these pictures, you can see how much water got not just underneath the floors, but also the plastic barrier and rubber padding below. Hidden water is one of ... READ MORE

Crawlspace Demolition

This owner's crawlspace was flooded after a massive storm event. If you look inside the crawlspace, you can see the wet insulation around the high walls of the ... READ MORE

Flooded Retail Building

This popular shop experienced some flooding after the heavy autumn rains we get here in Nevada. It can happen to anyone, in any building, at any time. The busin... READ MORE