Recent Before & After Photos

Taco Break

We are pretty sure this isn't what Taco Bell meant by "Drive Through". It happens; sometimes a driver thinks they're in reverse, then they floor it, only to rea... READ MORE

Floods Overtake Art Gallery

This flood was caused by infamous Reno weather and serious rising river levels. The basement was covered with about an inch of water, and luckily none of the ar... READ MORE

Moldy Kitchen

Sectioning off the kitchen was an essential part of making sure the mold growing in the corners of the before picture didn't spread. It ensures that mold spores... READ MORE

Carpet Spores

After a flooding event, this homeowner knew to call in the professionals. Under the moisture stains, under the carpet, and even further under the padding w... READ MORE

Skylight Mold

The black material on the before picture is mold feeding on moisture that trickled in or condensed inside this skylight. The after picture shows how much wood a... READ MORE

Snowmelt: The Silent Leak

Icicles and snow on the roof are hallmark signs of winter and the holidays. Unfortunately, when there isn't proper waterproofing, the roof can leak and cause fl... READ MORE

House Fires--Water Damage?

Did you know that most fire related damages also include water damage? The sprinklers coming on or the fire department drenching the flames does a number on the... READ MORE

Warped Flooring

Ever wonder what we do to take all of the moisture out from between the minute cracks of wood? From between the vapor barrier and padding? The green air mover i... READ MORE

Crawlspace Water Damage

Whatever the source, water in your crawlspace can be a health hazard.  Water trapped beneath the vapor barrier can remain long enough to harbor biological ... READ MORE

Water Damaged Tile Entry and Laminate Flooring

SERVPRO of Reno NW / Truckee / Tahoe Vista has the equipment and experience to find the water hiding in your home.  Tile and laminate flooring need special... READ MORE