What our Customers say...

Fire Damage Testimonials

"Thank you so much Erica for taking such good care of our home and our belongings. We appreciate your hard work and your professionalism!"

"5 Stars!"

"I used SERVPRO to clean my items after they were smoke damaged in a fire. Erica was great at managing my job, and she even moved my things in the snow. Amazing!" 

" Josh was very professional, and clearly explained what I could expect to happen. He arranged to have a team come to my house within an hour. Next...Juan, Adrian, and Danielle arrived at my house. It didn't take long for my worries to go away. They respectfully introduced themselves and got right to work. I quickly saw that they worked clean and cared about doing a good, thorough job. They worked as a team, and the entire job was handled with care. I was completely impressed with the whole process, and I hope the individuals mentioned will be recognized for their excellent work. I have already told many others how impressed I am with SERVPRO. Thanks Josh, Juan, Adrian, and Danielle!"

"Fantastic, and thank you for the follow up.

Mason and Edgar are two bright young professionals! Thanks again, Tim".

"Everyone that helped me did a marvelous job."

"Thanks for the great service!!!"

While at work, I received notification from local dispatch of a house fire.  As a volunteer fire member, I have been to several house fires, but this address made my mouth drop, it was my house.  I rushed home to find the back side of my house on fire. With some help from neighbors and the sheriff's department we put the fire out before the fire trucks arrived, but the house was filled with smoke.  After the fire department pushed out the smoke, they left and my family was left with the question, "What now?"  We contacted our insurance within a couple of hours, SERVPRO had a team on site to begin cleanup, and my house is 90 miles from their office.  They immediately began to remove damaged items and even removed water damaged floor and sheet rock.  They left around 8:30 pm that night and were back first thing Saturday morning.  Over the next several weeks, SERVPRO had a team at our house Monday through Friday, eight hours a day.  I had no idea the damage that smoke causes to everything in a house.  SERVPRO boxed all of our belongings to be cleaned or disposed of.  When I say everything, I mean everything, hundreds of boxes (several hundred), and they did this with a great attitude and friendly demeanor.  It was so nice to have a company help us navigate this tragedy; I can't imagine trying to handle this alone.  From special equipment, to cleaning techniques, some things are better left to the experts.  After the house was deemed "clean", SERVPRO returned all items and boxes to the house in good condition, or the same condition that it left.  We felt like our situation was a priority and that our questions and concerns were always addressed in a timely, professional manner.

Dan Murphy

Lovelock, NV